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Priyanka chopra xvideo
, decanting its contents one publicist, one assistant and one chihuahua-type dog with a Tiffany-blue collar and 106,000 Instagram followers ( @diariesofdiana ) on to the pavement.

A police car pulls up behind.

It cant get through.

Just like that, there are beeps and yells and four scowling nypd officers.

Until the final passenger emerges A body of silken caramel that pours itself out of the passenger seat.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas turns to face the melee, smiling in the police officers direction.

The horns stop, the grimaces fade, and a flashing blue light signals their surrender.

'I dont see both my careers in Bollywood and Hollywood as mutually exclusive.'.

Priyanka is used to the world conceding to her charm.

Miss World as a gleaming 18-year old back in 2000, the 36-year old is now one of Bollywoods highest-paid actors, rumoured to bank US1 million for every film, which, when you consider shes done more than of 50 them Well, you do the maths.

But she is also that rare thing: a truly global star, who is as famous in the Western world as she is in Asia.

Marcin Kempsi, priyanka is the first Indian-born actress in TV history to lead a US prime time network show (.

Quantico ) and to have officially broken Hollywood with Netflix blockbusters to her name and.

Mindy Kaling collaboration currently in the making.

Then theres her production company, Purple Pebble Pictures, which produces films across the globe Ill have an idea at dinner and then the next day its.

Thats an exciting new phase!

As well as being a unicef ambassador, for which she travels the world sprinkling her fairy dust.

Marcin Kempsi, this year she launched a YouTube series, which has included interviews with fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg and Olympic gymnast Simone Biles.

Oh, and she also has a stake in the dating app Bumble, which, in between entertaining/saving the world, she helped to launch in India at the end of last year.

Except, at the moment, all everyone wants to know is about her marriage.

He of the teen dream, purity ring-wearing sibling singing troupe the Jonas Brothers.

The pair got married last December in a three-day extravaganza that made an episode.

RuPauls Drag Race look like the shipping forecast.

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