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Sexual tamil padam

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Sexual tamil padam
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Tamil Film) is a 2010 Indian.

Tamil-language parody film written and directed by,.

Amudhan in his directorial debut.

Shiva and, disha Pandey in the lead roles.

Thamizh Padam was the first full length spoof in Tamil cinema.

It parodies contemporary commercial films and actors.

Tamil cinema, mocking the stereotypical scenes.

2 3, the film was distributed by, dhayanidhi Alagiri under the banner.

Cloud Nine Movies, and it was released on It won critical acclaim and commercial success at the box office.

The film was later remade.

Telugu as, sudigadu starring, allari Naresh.

A sequel called, thamizh Padam 2 has been confirmed and released in July 2018.

In the Indian village of Cinemapatti, male infanticide is predominant, and all male babies are required to be killed immediately after birth.

One such baby is headed for such a fate, until he "speaks" to his caretaker-grandmother (.

Paravai Muniyamma ) and asks to be sent.

Chennai on a goods train, where he plans to grow into a hero.

The old woman complies, and takes the baby, named Shiva, to Chennai and raises him herself, living in the city's poorer section.

On growing into manhood, Shiva (.

Shiva ) gains a reputation by giving a massive entry by beating up extortionists by throwing them in the air and saving a rape victim; soon he is glorified as a "mass hero".

A, he manages to defeat gangster Devaraj with a clever exchange of puns and a costumed associate.

He spends his time hanging out, drinking and playing carrom with his gang of friends, composed of Nakul (.

Bhaskar Bharath venniradai Moorthy ) and Siddharth ( Manobala ).

Shiva runs into a headstrong girl named Priya ( Disha Pandey ) whom he falls in love with.

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