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Hindi x videos

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Hindi x videos
-the Porn industry.

When questioned on the controversial yet a bold, title X-Videos, Sajo Sundar the director of the film confidently says, This film is daring effort in making audience understand the ill effects of the porn websites and hence.

Films which talks about sex and sex education are very rare.

In a country like ours where sex education is almost negligible, it had become the need of the hour to make people aware of the current danger and hazards of the Internet.

The movie is all about a private information that gets recorded through a secret camera never remains as just a secret.

How much ever the file or the video is protected or saved confidentially, it sure makes its way out through someone somehow.

This is a Cyber era, and the film warns people about the illusionistic yet huge world that functions around us invisibly.

This cyber world watches us 24 hours, by any chance if it catches our intimate life then it becomes open and  gets exposed in public. .

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