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ability, wearing very little clothing.

You could say the same thing about the males on the roster to some extent.

There are a few exceptions to the rule, but this kind of mentality has dominated the make-up of wrestling for a long time.

In the world owned by Vince McMahon, your "look" carries a lot of weight.

It's no surprise then that a lot of the guys and girls in the business have experimented with some more risqu forms of entertainment in their careers.

Some posed nude for magazines, others had leaked sex tapes, and some did hardcore pornography.

It may have been before, after or even during their time in the squared circle, literally in one case.

It would be difficult for some of the names on this list to appear in PG WWE with these little indiscretions out in the open.

Have a flick through and see if we can't surprise you.

Posted On:  3rd Jan 2014.

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Legends such as Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Dave Bautista are making plenty of dosh for themselves in Hollywood as actors on the silverscreen.

11, sunny was hugely popular with the WWE Universe back in the 90s before turning to pornCredit: WWE.

However, not everybody is as fortunate as them when it comes to their roles in movies.

In fact, a number.

WWE performers have turned to the porn industry to help bring in the cash with mixed success.

Sun Sport takes a look at ten wrestlers who have ventured into the adult entertainment industry: 10 buff bagwell, buff The Stuff was a huge hit with WCW during the Monday Night Wars before going on to endure a miserable stint.

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