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Bus sex

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Bus sex
spot one or two hotties that we'd like to fuck.

We obviously try not to stare too much, but damn!

We'd like to tap that ass!

All these thoughts keep popping up in our heads of how she'd look like naked, how her titties are like without that top, just hanging free and we picture them sucking on our rigid pricks and cradling.

Or is it just me?

Maybe I have a very active imagination when it comes to the nasty, but I can't be the only one.

I just read a post in the internet saying a hot girl just got in the bus, too bad I'm too shy to masturbate in public and now I have to write this.

What are the odds!

In any case, we all have had a momentary crush on a hot girl whenever one gets in the bus and you spend the entire trip thinking how to approach her or what to say and in the end you have to get off.

Well, in here you will get to fulfill the fantasy as this place is focused on sex in the bus, sometimes with just stranger women who want to fuck in a place they've never done it before.

And as very few people have actually had sex in a public bus, they get horny enough to do it there, even if somebody is watching.

There are also a series of popular videos in which a single girl is manhandled, defiled and fucked by pretty much every guy there is on the bus.

Just a group of men boning and abusing her while she wails and pouts and other passengers are just sitting, watching or looking the other way because the situation is too embarrassing for them.

So if any of this is in any way your kind of stuff and you get wood in your pants just by thinking of doing it in the bus or watching people do it there, then my friend you've.

Because here we have tons of kickass videos featuring hot babes and cute chicks being porked, nailed and big time jack hammered in the fucking bus!

What are you waiting for?

Go right ahead and start checking out our stuff!

You'll definitely dig it!

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