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Gay tube
sites should always be easy to navigate around.

Imagine visiting a porn site with a hard-on, expecting to find a wild fucking video to keep that hard on going a little longer before exploding all over yourself.

Instead, because that porn site isnt as straightforward as m, youre stuck in a rut of a website, no idea where to find a great DP video by hot, muscular men with tattoos.

Youre scrolling around, clicking next non-stop, and before you know it, your dick has gone down to an embarrassing little limp.

Although its great that the website is straightforward and to the point, Im not sure why they decided to keep the videos short and to the point as well, having videos with an average duration of 5 minutes to 15 minutes.

Yeah, I know, there are days when I want to watch videos that get to the point right away.

Sometimes its a relief not having to watch through boring conversations or keep fast forwarding the videos, making it really slow to buffer.

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