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the ability.

There have been several people to gain perfect pitch later in life and there's some great free perfect pitch software to help you train.

Also see my relative pitch ear training software collection.

How Long It Takes To Develop Perfect Pitch.

It can take weeks to show improvement.

You should not be in the mindset of spending 3 hours with full enthusiasm trying to get perfect pitch.

It's better to just passively practice guessing notes throughout the day and checking yourself.

Practicing perfect pitch can be very frustrating for musicians because we're used to looking at the musical movement in interval length to derive feeling and emotion from a song.

If you use that as a reference, you'll continue to find no absolute.

If you're going to practice for awhile, do it at night.

You'll have a greater chance of thinking about it in your sleep.

If you really want absolute pitch, there's no rush.

Whenever you get it, you get.

InPitch - Freeware t/projects/inpitch, java based free perfect pitch software that allows you to select a midi instrument and guess a huge range of tones.

One thing I wish they had was a "Tell me Button" instead of having to guess continually being wrong, but then again they probably would say go to an easier level.

This software requires a java soundbank to play the midis.

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