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Up skirt no panties

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Up skirt no panties
might wonder, who in the world came up with this?

After all, how would one get ones underwear twisted in the first place putting them on too fast?

The washing machine did it?

And is one walking around all uncomfortable with a wedgie, or is one simply having a difficult time putting on his or her underwear?

So I was hoping for a great story behind this expression (such as the theories behind the expression white elephant gifts ) but apparently it was just some silliness conjured up by The Basil Brush Show, a British television.

From there, the Australians turned the original expression dont get your knickers in a twist into dont get your knickers in a knot ( source ).

Then, of course, the Americans implemented the panties term.

Oh, and if the origin described above is wrong, please tell me the real story in the comments to this post!

By Shira, these instructions describe how to make one of the basic components of a belly dancing costume, the circle skirt.

Although it's not appropriate for historical / folkloric performances, if made out of natural fiber such as cotton, it can serve as a variation to a modern-day American Tribal Style or tribal fusion look.

Made from shiny fabric such as tissue lam or charmeuse, it sparkles under the stage lights of a nightclub or catches the glint of the sun outdoors.

This skirt made of 2 or 3 half-circle panels drapes gracefully over the hips, falling into a full hemline at the bottom edge.

In the photograph to the right, which was taken by Jeff Halpin, I am wearing a 3-panel circle skirt of turquoise tissue lam, and over that a darker blue accent skirt made using a circle skirt pattern with some shaping of the lower edge.

Click on the photo to see more detail.

Table of Contents, about the Circle Skirt, the circle skirt has been a favorite part of the belly dancer's costume wardrobe for many years.

It has minimal bulk at the hipline, yet is very full at the floor.

For dancers who want a modern-day nightclub-style costume, this skirt is very satisfying to wear because it enhances the movements of the dance.

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