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Foot sex
on their feet daily.

Foot pain is often a natural consequence of standing all day.

Your feet carry the entire weight of your body when youre standing, so the more hours youre on your feet, the more likely youll experience foot pain, says Elizabeth Kurtz, DPM, a podiatrist in Chicago and spokeswoman for the apma.

But its easy to find relief for aching feet.

Foot Pain: At-Home Exercises, try these exercises and relaxation measures when your feet are beat.

To ease foot pain and aching in your feet, lift one foot and roll it downward until the toes are pointed toward the ground.

Then flex your foot.

Repeat using the other foot.

This exercise will help stretch out all the small muscles that are on the bottom of your feet, which can help relieve aching and improve blood circulation, says.

This exercise is good for relieving toe cramps caused by standing for hours in constricting shoes, says Kurtz.

Bonus: It can also strengthen calf muscles and make them look more defined.

Stand up and lift your heels so that you are standing on the balls of your feet.

Hold for 10 seconds.

To strengthen the toes and help alleviate foot pain from hammertoes (when a toe resembles a claw separate your toes using corks or foam toe separators and then squeeze your toes together for five seconds.

Want to create an instant massage for the bottom of your feet?

Roll a golf ball or tennis ball under the ball of your foot.

Apply light pressure for about two minutes.

This exercise can be helpful for arch pain, cramps, and heel pain from plantar fasciitis, according to the apma.

A weight-bearing, runners-type stretch can be helpful for foot pain in the arch, says Kurtz.

Stand up and place your toes against a wall; lean forward a little until you feel your arch stretch.

Sit barefoot and cross your left leg so that your ankle rests on your right thigh.

Then hold your toes and bend them back toward your shin, stretching the band of tissue connecting the bottom of the heel to the ball.

A University of Rochester study found that people living with plantar fasciitis had a 75 percent chance of having no pain within three to six months of performing this stretch three times daily.

Give yourself a foot massage.


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