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W e've all seen the infamous 52-card deck of Iraq's Most Wanted constructed by the.S.

Department of Defense, but what if Hollywood formed their own deck of the most powerful directors in the industry?

There are many outstanding directors that fit the bill for a top spot, but surely Martin Scorsese is more than worthy of being considered as one of American cinema's four kings.

Easily the most influential director of his generation, the Italian-American filmmaker has a rsum that most directors would kill for.

That is, of course, as long as they could avoid that damn Oscar curse that seems to have haunted Scorsese ever since he was snubbed by the Academy in favor of Kevin Costner's inferior period epic, "Dances with Wolves.".

Born in a small neighborhood of Queens, New York on November 17, 1942, Scorsese spent most of his childhood days recovering from asthma at home.

It was during this period that he developed his passion for cinema particularly the neorealist movement (best highlighted by the Italian film "The Bicycle Thief and its eventual successor, French New Wave and though his initial desire was.

Following his graduation in the late 60s (which also marked the completion of his first feature film "Who's That Knocking at My Door Scorsese became linked to several other upcoming talents from the new class of directors, namely Francis.

It was the latter that introduced the young director to upcoming talent Robert De Niro.

It's his relationship with De Niro that made Scorsese the man that he is today (and vice versa and while their first project together Mean Streets was a bit of an underperformer at the box office, it marked a promising.

Three years after the release of "Mean Streets Scorsese and De Niro went back to work on two new films: "Taxi Driver" and "New York, New York a high-concept musical that shared the honor of being both the director's.

He quickly bounced back in 1980 with the release of "Raging Bull one of his most admired films to date, but finished out the rest of the decade with a pretty haphazard collection of projects.

From the underappreciated black comedy, "The King of Comedy to the extremely dark "After Hours" not to mention directing the music video for Michael Jackson's "Bad" Scorsese spent a lot of time experimenting in new genres, but never really expanding his audience.

In 1988, he released his most controversial film yet, an adaptation of Nikos Kazantakis' novel, "The Last Temptation of Christ which follows Jesus as he contemplates the sacrifice he was born to make.

Taking almost a decade to make, Scorsese was forced to make several other movies (including the aforementioned "After Hours as well as the Paul Newman/Tom Cruise billiards film, "The Color of Money in order to secure the funding for his pet project.

Curiously, while the film caused a great amount of debate for its apparently blasphemous subject matter, it helped to get the director back on the radar, and just in time, too.

In 1990, Scorsese returned to form with arguably the best film of his career: "GoodFellas the story of a small-time gangster (played by Ray Liotta) and his climb up through the ranks of the mob hierarchy.

The film marked his third Oscar nomination for Best Director, and while many believed that the director (along with "GoodFellas would take home the golden statue, he was snubbed in both categories in favor of "Dances with Wolves." Joe Pesci (another.

After the commercial and critical success of "GoodFellas Scorsese continued his tear through Hollywood with an excellent remake Cape Fear an award-nominated return to the mobster genre Casino a film about the life of the Dalai Lama Kundun and the little-seen.

His best hope for taking home that golden statue since "GoodFellas" has fallen in the hands of "The Departed a massively commercial remake of the cult Hong Kong thriller "Infernal Affairs." While many felt that Scorsese had given.

And if he doesn't, well, there are plenty more chances on the way, from the rumored Teddy Roosevelt biopic, starring DiCaprio as the 26th President, to the greatly anticipated drama "Silence about two Jesuit priests who travel to seventeenth.

In the end, it doesn't really matter if Scorsese ever wins an Oscar or not.

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