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Stocking tube

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Stocking tube
filled by Santa Claus, see.

For other uses, see, stocking (disambiguation).

Stockings (also known as hose, especially in a historical context) are close-fitting, variously elastic garments covering the leg from the foot up to the knee or possibly part or all of the thigh.

Stockings vary in color, design, and transparency.

Today, stockings are primarily worn for fashion and aesthetics, usually in association with mid-length or short skirts.

Examining the quality of nylon stockings, Malm clothing factory 1954.

Stockings on display for sale.

Historically, even though the word sock is at least as ancient in origin, what men normally wore were often referred to as stockings, probably especially when referring to longer hose.

1 2 verification needed, the word stock used to refer to the bottom "stump" part of the body, and by analogy the word was used to refer to the one-piece covering of the lower trunk and limbs of the 15th centuryessentially.

(See, hose.) Before the 1590s, stockings were made of woven cloth.

The first knitting machines were for making stockings.

3 The stockings themselves were made of cotton, linen, wool or silk.

A polished cotton called lisle was common, as were those made in the town of Balbriggan.

Before the 1920s, stockings, if worn, were worn for warmth.

In the 1920s, as hemlines of dresses rose and central heating was not widespread, women began to wear flesh-colored stockings to cover their exposed legs.

Those stockings were sheer, first made of silk or rayon (then known as "artificial silk and after 1940 of nylon.

Kronenberg brand stocking from mid-20th century The introduction of nylon in 1939 by chemical company DuPont began a high demand for stockings in the United States with up to 4 million pairs being purchased in one day.

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